ksd6700 is a #TechHouse #VirtualAcid #InageDisco producer, a Media Artist....and all


Traxxx (Original)





VA - OmanticDatafruits vol.1 [OmanticRecords, datafruits.fm / 2019]

VA - OmanticDatafruits vol.2[OmanticRecords, datafruits.fm / 2019]

VA - INJEKTONE 10[INAGE / 2019]]

ksd6700 - in Da Muzique[datafruits.fm]

ksd6700 - softly kill / U2DT[datafruits.fm]

ksd6700 - GETS![OmanticRecords]

ksd6700 - Nu Trap AI[OmanticRecords]

VA - Chocolate Minimal House[]


[OMT-022] 勃起と平和 (LOVE and PEACE) ft. THE PARTY by ksd6700 by OmanticRecords


DJ Mixxx



『Maltine Records - [MARU-161] コバルト爆弾αΩ - LISTEN, YOU PENCIL NECK GEEKS』ランディングページ
『Maltine Records - [MARU-161] コバルト爆弾αΩ - LISTEN, YOU PENCIL NECK GEEKS』ランディングページ

「餅つき」[2013] - メディア芸術祭クリエイター育成支援事業
メディア芸術祭クリエイター育成支援事業 「餅つき」

MEDIA(3D Light Writer - iPad Application)[2012] - 第 15回文化庁メディア芸術祭 審査員推薦
MEDIA(3D Light Writer - iPad Application)

節電[2011] - グッドデザイン賞 一次選考不通過
節電[2011] by ksd6700

ksd6700 says hello, world.

2003年にTatsuhiro Iida (oxoxo)らとテクノレーベル『INAGE Records』を結成した中心人物。同年にコンピレーションアルバム『COMPUSION』をリリースし、この頃から本格的にトラックメーカとしての活動もスタート。ファッションショーやビデヲ作品への楽曲提供、ライブを気紛れに行なう。2004年からは西千葉最大級の小型屋内パーティー『TEKNOVAQUE(テクノバカ)』を立ち上げテクノ馬鹿による、テクノ馬鹿のためのテクノ馬鹿な会合を開催し稲毛のテクノシーンを牽引。
2003年に発表した北朝鮮の少年律動体操とHardFloorをフィーチャーしたサックマイセルフィシュなビデヲがHardFloorのRamon Zenker本人の目に留まり、The Trill Acid ThemeのMusicClipに採用される。また、AlexFromTokyoのblogでもヤバいビデオと紹介され、5年早かったと自覚。自らを速い男とサックする。
#VirtualAcid を標榜とする亜流の惡死怒ハウストラックメイカー。

In 2003, he formed the techno label "INAGE Records" with Tatsuhiro Iida (oxoxo) and others. In the same year, he released a compilation album "COMPUSION", and from then on he started his career as a trackmaker. From 2004, he started a small indoor party "TEKNOVAQUE", which is one of the biggest parties in West Chiba, where techno idiots hold techno idiot's party for techno idiots, and lead the techno scene in Inage.
In addition to his music activities, he also conducts two-dimensional activities, and his "Nishi-Chiba T-Shirt/Inage T-Shirt", on which his twisted graphics were printed, became a smash hit. It was a smash hit with "Nishi-Chiba T-Shirt/Inage T-Shirt" printed with his twisted graphics.
In 2003, a sack-my-selfish video featuring North Korean boy rhythmic gymnastics and HardFloor caught the attention of HardFloor's Ramon Zenker, and was adopted as a MusicClip for The Trill Acid Theme. It was also introduced as a bad video on the AlexFromTokyo blog, and he realized he was 5 years too early. He sacked himself as a fast guy.
In 2008, he was introduced as "a young artist whose future activities we are expecting a lot, or an artist who is not yet known to the world, and we recommend him with confidence" at the Chiba City Museum of Art's "Civatori Laboratory".
In 2012, his work was selected as a Jury Recommended Work for the Japan Media Arts Festival.
In 2013, he presented "Mochitsuki" as part of the Media Arts Creator Support Project.
He is a sub-genre of the evil-dead house trackmaker who advocates #VirtualAcid.
He imagines the creator based on his distorted heroism.
Contemporary art is self-responsible. No, "Art is Immunity(TM)".